teachingTeaching Areas

  • Public History
  • Historical Theory and Methods
  • Historiography
  • Educational History and History Didactics

In 2019, I taught in Education at the University of Technology Sydney. In 2018, I coordinated the course ‘Education in History’ in the School of Arts and Education at the Australian Catholic University. This unit examines the evolution and contestations that lie behind the ways in which education is delivered today. I’ve previously taught this course with Dr Hannah Forsyth.


In 2017, I co-taught a third-year history course at La Trobe University, ‘Fundamentalism, Religion and Modernity’ with Dr Sary Zananiri, and Dr Timothy Jones. The course explored the history of religious fundamentalism as ideology, social movement, and political force.

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In 2016 and 2017, I taught the first-year interdisciplinary core subject in the Bachelor of Arts at La Trobe University ‘Ideas that shook the world’. This course explored some of the most influential ideas in the history of the West and traced the origins of these ideas and their manifestation in the world today.